How to start career?

Now im going to write how to start work in the industry. it was all happend in a very quick way. it was visit my university site and found there 2 jobs for java developer den i read its job details and i sent mail and i thought lets get new experience for job interview because before that i didn’t apply for any job and dont have any experience of job interview.
The next day they call me and ask me about my availabilty then i set appointment with dem. when i went there thay gave me short test and that was not quite diffcult. and project manager come and start my interview. its taks few mintes and finally they evaluate me. finally i hava a meeting wid HR manager and he told me few things about company and its policies and rules and regulation. at last he asked 2 me when i’ll be join the job. i said i’ll be join this company on friday 15-9-06 inshala.
so that was all about my joining interview at sigmatec solutions.
on my firstday at job when i reached there den HR manager introduce me with all the others team mates and staff. finally project manager gave me short introduction of the prodect and wht they are doing and also he specify my responsibilities at job. he told me name of the technologies in which they are working and said u must be excelent in all these technologies and muct be update wid new technologies. the i did start reading and view example how they are using in product. so far i have spend almost one & half month there and so today i thought, i must be post about my first day at job and how to start work in industry.
so thats all about my fitst day.

so whts today?
nothing special 2day bec i have a day off at job and spending day at home and get chill not red chil, lolzee

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