today is saturday so i didn’t go office bec its off. life is going as usual days starts den end so and so for, but 2day is quite different from others weekdays. 2day i wakeup about 10am and den just watch tv and take breakfast, and i dont kn either this is time for lunch or breakfast but its between them. so then i have a to set time with me groups mates to work on the project so after compliting work i thought that i must write sumthing.
i think i must write sumthong very intresting which happend with me yesterday. and u kn when i kn that i was really shock. yesterday when i was working in office then HR dept call me and tell me working hour and absent hour for the whole months. they told me i was 10 hours late to come office but i dont believe, then she show me list of attendence shet and when i view it only

i wrote dis on a couple of moth b4 den i there was sum problem with the bolgger server so now its working so im going to post it without conserning wht i wrote and y too……:)

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