About FP

hay m8’s. im good and doing well. these days nothing special jsut as usall. but in this week there was one intresting things which is on the wednesday march 7, we had a final year project presentation. so it was a really good and nice experiece of my life but after that we feel a different kind of feeling sumthing like liberty 🙂
but there was some intresting things which happed with us, one day before i hve alot of work in the office and also set meeting with the others group mates but anyway i was late about more them two hours. so then we decided that solve all the problem in the night so then copy all the data into my per drive but unfortunity i forget to unplug it from the computer. so when we reached there in the flat then i checked my pocket but there was nothig in my pocket. so we get worried wht we do now ………..? so we hve nothing to do realated to our project. but then we decide make a presentation and prepare for the presentaiton so in this way we utilize our time.
But then next day we get university lab early then we complete our remaining task and fix some bugs etcc. so its all about my final year prject presentation. so now we will submit complete documentaction with source and demo etcc.
now im at office and doing a work becuse today i got alot of work related to testing of the application. i dont wana do this work but unfortunity i cant left it, anyway this will be complete with in next 2hours Inshala.
And one more intresting things happed with us today. tomarrow (next day) company arrange a one day trip and every things was fine and company annouced offically and get conformation from every one but today about lunch time we heard that company canceled the trip and annouce we will go in summer for 3 to 4 days …..:(
so then i devided i wil be go BWN tonight but one of mine friend comming from bwn he phoned me and forced me plz stay there bec im commign i try alot to cancel it but he didn;t accept my appeal so then i will be go back to bwn next day after noon inshala and now im thinking i will be get day off on monday otherwise i hve only sunday to stay there and one day in not enough for me. so i think 2day i write alot about my self.
yah i got one more thing, last night i bought a digital camera and its also have a long story behind this so i will be on it some other time because now im feeling so tired and also we r going out for dinner.

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