About GRE

Hello, today i am going to write something about my GRE test which was held on April 8, 2007 morning. as well as consurn about my preparation this was not good because lack of intrest the test and i didn;t gave full time to its preparation, One day before the test i went to one of my friend imran flat’s for test preparation but we study only aproximate one hour and i really dont kn why does this all happend or may be we take it easy or we dont have any confidence to get pass in the exam. so ts all about its preparaion.
On the test day we reached at centre on time and the duration was three hours and its consists of 100 MCQ’s type question and related to different aspect of the areas. but focus on English and Mathematics.
One intresting thing happed on test day with us that is my friend forget his roll# slip at home so we came back in the mid of the way and get it from the home then went again to the centre. Apart from the GRE test one more thing related to it, its not related directly to us or not related to GRE test, its related to any kind of test, its a juiceee. its a culture of our friends community when evey any any one take any kind of test he should drink juice after or before the test. here im not going in detail what actully behind the juice phylosophy.
So its all about GRE and next test will be in july and its depend that i will take the exam again.

2 thoughts on “About GRE

  1. benhoole

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