ASP.Net MVC2 Released

ASP.Net MVC 2 has been finally released for the ASP.Net framework 3.5. This released will be built in available in the Visual studio 2010 and Web Developer 2010 so don’t need to be installed it separately. For those, who don’t have Visual studio 2010 (as like me) they can download it separately for both Visual Studio 2008 and Web Developer 2008. In the last number there was a large number of developer downloaded the ASP.Net MVC1 so this new release come up with some exiting features and fixed the some existing problems.

Features List:

  • Support for Asynchronous Controllers
  • Support for DefaultValueAttribute in Action-Method Parameters
  • Support for Binding Binary Data with Model Binders
  • ModelMetadata and ModelMetadataProvider Classes
  • Support for DataAnnotations Attributes
  • Model-Validator Providers and Client-Side Validation
  • Overriding the HTTP Method Verb
  • New HiddenInputAttribute Class for Templated Helpers
  • Html.ValidationSummary Helper Method Can Display Model-Level Errors
  • API Improvements
  • New classes for the CSS
  • Auto-Scaffold UI Helpers with Template Customization
  • Support for splitting up large applications into “Areas
  • Improved Visual Studio tooling support

Download the ASP.Net MVC2

You can also download the source code for the ASP.NET MVC2 from here

ASP.NET MVC tutorials can be found here

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