Presentation at Inted Conference

I am presenting on ‘gender based e-learning experience’ on Monday 7th March in the International Technology, Education and Development Conference 2011. This conference will be held in Valencia, Spain from 7th March to 9th March 2011.

I have submitted a paper for the International Technology, Education and Development Conference 2011. This paper will be published in the conference proceeding and can be accessible from INTED website (digital library). This paper has been written by myself and Carmel’s. This paper has highlighted the gender based e-learning experience in the Pakistani universities. This paper has covered the resources provided by the universities to the students and their experiences of using these technologies in the education.

An overview of the conference paper

The purpose of this paper was to highlight the current e-learning experience in Pakistan for both male and female undergraduates within universities. There is no study (to date) has focused exclusively on ‘gender’ in the e-learning experience and how gender differences affect the development of e-learning and how these factors can be overcome to improve the overall experience in Pakistan. This paper has identified numerous factors that affect male and female undergraduates in their e-learning experience within the two universities in Pakistan. It has measured the extent to which these factors affect gender. The paper has concluded with a number of recommendations for improving e-learning and how these differences can be overcome.

The results have verified that there is great potential and scope for e-learning development in Pakistan. The analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data has highlighted several factors that affect both male and female undergraduates. However, the results have exposed a number of factors that tend to affect female students more than compared to their male counterpart. These factors identified ranged from lack of infrastructure, government support, and computer literacy to mention a few. From these results a number of recommendations have been made on how the e-learning experience in terms of gender could be improved for further university students within Pakistan.

This study has provided an insight into the e-learning experience within Pakistan focusing on gender differences regarding the use of e-learning. This paper contributes to knowledge by beginning to fill these gaps and addressing the need for additional work.

Overview of the conference

INTED2011 will be an International Forum for those who wish to present their projects and innovations, having also the opportunity to discuss the main aspects and the latest results in the field of Education and Research.
The general aim of the conference is to promote international collaboration in Education and Research in all educational fields and disciplines. The attendance of more than 500 delegates from 65 different countries is expected.

Two ISBN publications will be produced with all the accepted abstracts and papers that will serve as a database of innovation projects in Education and Research.

Keywords: Pakistan, e-learning, gender, education, experience